domingo, 3 de outubro de 2010

Girls modified or alternative.

smokers taste like candyi want glovesthey complain about me
they pick at me,
even though they made me
who i am today
i was not scene untill they named me so
i was not scum till they named me so
i was not worthless till they named me so
so why are they so angry that i am these things now
you’re all the ones who made me
im your creation
-loly pop lalassssssssssssssstarbucksbody = art :)the gutsi want that beaniereminds me of when i was meMOTHER FUCKERS!
im sick of fake ass homo’s taking my pictures
you are not me, you did not take those pictures
im sick of people saying, ohh i see your picture
everywhere, i cant believe it’s the real chick
well fuck, i has proof now for all of you dick heads
who think you can call me a fake, cause im clearly me?
if that makes sense…
it has my formspring account and tumblr account
linked so nerrrr homo homo pooh fags. :) have a nice day(via fuckyeahskinnybitch)we’re at war

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